Mac Lipstick Collection Swatches

As promised here are swatches of my Mac lipstick collection. I notice while swatching that quite a few of my Mac lipsticks are limited edition (Sorry)… so what I will do is search through my entire lipstick collection in an effirt to find dupes for the LE lipsticks. 


I will also add lip swatches. Lip swatching is taxing on the lips, but bare with me. I will do whatever it takes for my lovely #lipsticknation.


There are all my purples.  Favorites are Instigator, Up the Amp and Heroine.l


Pink favorites are Candy Yum Yum, Happy Go Lucky and FLAT OUT FABULOUS. If you do not own Flat Out Fabulous- Then you must buy it today. ..It will change your


I dont have many red MAC lipsticks and really dont need another. I actually have 2 Riri Woo’s. That is the only lipstick I had to ever back up. Just like Flat Out Fabulous is everything for the pinks,  Riri Woo is LIFE for the reds. I know that Riri Woo was limited edition,  so unless you willing to pay the Ebay Monster $45 for Riri Woo.. I eou l d suggest getting Ruby Woo. RIRI Woo’s paternal twin.


These I guess I would categorize as other. To be quite honest none of the shade really work on me on their own. The only color of the bunch I have wore alone that work for me was bronze shimmer.  It is very natural,  summertime effortless on me. The rest of the color need to be mixed with another color or liner to look well on me. That the conclusion. Lipswatches coming soon!!!

Thanks for stopping by.  Let me know what are some of your favorite mac lippies.  Also follow me on Twitter and Instagram @givemelipstick AND like me on Facebook at Givemelipstick. <3 <3


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